"Faire le bien ma religion."



Mademoiselle  INDIRA  BANGA,

Étudiante de Master II à l’Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun( IRIC)  entame  un Stage Académique au sein de notre Organisation

du 15 Juin au 14 Septembre 2017….

« I am a graduate from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) specialized in International Communication and Public Actions focusing on policies making. My interet is focus on Human Rights especially on women’s rights and their consideration in policies making. (…) »

« Interested in human rights in a whole and women’s rights in particular, My Masters research was on gender equality in decision-making positions in Cameroon. This is to bring out the inequalities that exist in decision-making positions have repercussions on policies making. Thus, the work that this organization is carrying out draws my attention as to what concerns the respect of human rights wherever they are found. The Far North Region is the most attacked region by the terrorist group boko haram that is why I wish to be contact with this population especially the vulnerable groups that are women and children of Mora community. Having an experience in policy making and analysis I hope to bring my little knowledge for the well-being of this community that is ours. I will have no language barriers because I am perfectly bilingual and speak Fufulde. Hope that all I acquired will be of interest and help for the fight for the respect of human rights in this zone (…) »

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