Mlle Indira Banga, doctorante de l’Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun ( IRIC) entame dès le 30 juin prochain, un stage académique au sein de notre organisation (Observatoire Droits de l’Homme) sur le thème : « L’égalité de genre dans les postes de prise de décision au Cameroun, depuis la ratification du protocole de Maputo » : Cas du Grand Nord ». Au moment d’embarquer à la gare ferroviaire de Yaoundé à destination de N’Gaoundéré, notre Service de Communication s’est rapproché d’elle et a recueilli ses impressions…..Échange émouvant !


Vous  êtes partante pour  Mora à  l’Extrême-Nord, où vous allez effectuer un stage Académique au sein de notre  Organisation (Observatoire  Droits de l’Homme).  Quels sont  les mobiles de ce  choix, lorsqu’on pense aux informations qui nous parviennent de là ?

I understand why you are preoccupied about my decision to go to this area but these are the reasons why:

First of all I choosed this area because people believe that with the insecurity that Cameroon is experiencing in this Region, there is no peace and stability but I think that is an errored idea. Activities go on well there and our army is doing a great job to maintain peace and ensure the security and the well-being of the society. It is part of Cameroon; all Cameroonians should feel at ease and secured everywhere even there. Since there are people living in this area, I can therefore live and work there without any problem.

Secondly, Mora is one of the areas in Cameroon that highly participate in the electoral process. During the last elections, it has highly given their support to the elected President. In addition to that, this area is our target because the Head of the legislative power is from the region, thus, this raises so many questioning about the population’s implication in legislative elections.

The last but not the least reason why I decided to be part of this organization in Mora is due to the fact that, “Observatoire Droits de l’Homme” / Human Rights Monitoring is one of the rare local organizations that communicate in this region.  Everyday,  everytime publications are made about the situation in this area. I therefore think it is the best place to be, to get reliable informations and have a good supervision in my research.

Ne trouvez-vous pas votre thème un peu osé et à la limite provocateur, quand on sait que chez nous, il ne faudrait surtout pas aborder certains sujets qui pourraient fâcher ?

I don’t think we can say that it is provocating, I am a researcher in the field so my preoccupations are necessarily academic and scientific. Our main problem concerns both State’s actors and the private sector. So, it should be put on the table of discussions.

Qui sont vos prochains interlocuteurs dans le Cadre de ce stage ?

In the course of this research I intend to meet most women Ministers in Cameroon. However, for the moment I already met some women Directors in Ministries. I hope to meet some other women that impact our Cameroonian society especially in the political field.

Quelle est selon vous l’incidence sociopolitique que vos recherches sur ce thème pourraient avoir dans notre pays ?

The socio-political impact of this theme in our country is first of all raising awarness and ensuring that political actors integrate women that are not only social actors but should be decision-makers. Women should fight by improving their competences in the political arena, thus, the society, political actors and especially our government will set their eyes on them as actors of change in all domains. A gender equal world and society will therefore be observed in Cameroon.

Une fois titulaire de votre doctorat, que présagez-vous pour la suite ?

After my PhD Degree I will continue with the question of gender equality in all domain, not only at the national level but equally at the international level through international organizations. However, being a specialist in public policies, I will put my  expertize at the benefit of all domains like Human Rights and all institutions.

Jusque quand s’étend votre Stage à Mora ?

My internship will last for at least three (3) months but I hope to continue to put my   expertize at the benefit of this organization and of this area.

Nous vous  remercions et bon voyage !

Thank you !

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Baby  Julago


Un coup d’œil sur son CV



2016: Certificate on a Regional Forum on Women’s Leadership by ISESCO

2014-2016: Masters in International Relations at International Relations Institute of Cameroon (option: International Communication and Public actions)

2010-2014: First degree in English and French at the University of Buea

2010: GCE Advanced Level at Government Bilingual High School Garoua

2009: GCE Ordinary Level at Government Bilingual High School Garoua

2005: First Leaving Certificate at Government Bilingual Primary School Garoua


2017: Communication Officer at the Communication and Advocacy department of CAP Emergence

2016: Participant at the Regional Forum on “Women’s Leadership”

2016: Volunteer and intern for “The support project to the massive political participation of women” entitled “WOMEN IN DEMOCRACY”, funded by the European Union and carried by the Network for More Women in Politics

20142015: Intern at the Ministry of Public Works in Cameroon

20142015: Intern at the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Centre Regional Station


Mastery oral communication skills like sensitization and presentation, good writing skills like report writings, the ability to work in groups, situational analysis and the ability to propose solutions through ideas.

Aptitudes in development and governance questions and the ability to propose programs for a given project on development depending on the beneficiaries.

Ability to adapt and study the sociological environment where  I am working.


2015-2016: Head of the Youths and Gender commission of the African Union Club of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), in line with the African Union Chapter

20152016: Yali Network Member

2014-2016: Member of Roseau CAPI at International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC)

2012-2013: Vice-president of University of  Buea English and French Student’s Association (UBEFSA)

2011-2014: Member of the Youth Committee at the catholic church of  Molyko Buea